Creating an OMNI Wallet:

Go to and click on 'Create Wallet' in the menu bar.

From there, simply fill in a strong password you want to use, enter an email address (optional but highly recommended) and complete the form.

Once you are logged in, you should be greeted with your Wallet ID: Save this in a secure place. This and your password are how you will login to your wallet in the future.

If you accidentally clicked away from the initial display before saving your Wallet ID, you can always see your Wallet ID in the top menu or under the 'Account Settings'

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Make sure you have a strong password for your new Omniwallet account and print out the email from Omniwallet.  Store your password and wallet ID along with your other important paper documents in a secure place.

For more questions and answers on the process of opening and maintaining your Omniwallet, please visit -

Buy Bitcoins (BTC) or Tether Coin & send some BTC and or Tether to your Wallet:

Now that your wallet is set-up with BTC or Tether, you can now purchase and sell DIBCOIN on the OmniDex. Remember to send some BTC to your address or you can import your own address to get started.

What is DIBCOIN?

DIBCOIN is a cryptocurrency (money) that is a non-security Blockchain Token. DIBCOIN will be used as cash to buy profitable companies and assets for Sunshine Capital, Inc.  DIBCOIN is nothing but a digital currency representing physical certificates or assets, of both DIB Funding, Inc. and Sunshine Capital, Inc.

Where to Buy DIBCOIN:

(Very Soon) Using services, you can buy and sell DIBCOIN anywhere in the world. Currently, OmniDex and Bitsquare supports DIBCOIN (DIBC).

Opening a Tether Wallet:

One of the main challenges with main exchanges right now when dealing with traders, is instant settlement. That’s why we are going to put our dollars on the blockchain so we can move our dollars in out the market.  Because when you make a deposit on an exchange in your domestic currency, it takes about three days and about twenty-five to seventy-five dollars to wire that money. And if you want to pull the money off the exchange, you must wire it back. And for active traders, this can be a very expensive task.    

No more relying on traditional financial institutions to do commerce on the blockchain. 

“With Tether, it enables currency to move like bitcoin. So, now you hold your dollars as Tether and you can move them instantly to the exchange and then one exchange to another instead of having to have it wired back and forth” (Reeve Collins, 2015). -

Note: opening a Tether account is like opening a PayPal account. You must go through Anti-money laundering (AML) & Know your customer (KYC) to open a Tether wallet.

For more information on Tether Coin, you can visit-