Today’s advances in technology are revolutionary and disruptive. Encrypted currency is no exception – especially when using state of the art “blockchain technology”.  Its popularity is growing almost geometrically.  Encrypted currencies can serve as a powerful tool to transform the way business and government may perform the most basic operations in the future.

Today, because many people have suffered and experience the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s, the dot-com bust in 2001, and the financial crisis of 2008, boomers and millennials have become, at a minimum, healthy skeptics of a financial system that seems to have abandoned them in favor of the few business and political elite.

The rise of encrypted currencies shows a basic mistrust of “the system” and permits those who feel betrayed by the political and financial system to trust in a neutral party rather than central banks who have increased the money supply more than four hundred percent during the current administration and doubled the national debt to an amount in excess of nineteen trillion dollars.  A similar story is taking place worldwide with the most notable evidence of this being “Brexit”, i.e., leaving the European Union.

Hence, DIB Funding, Inc. is exploring how blockchain technology can provide a viable alternative to the current methods of financial exchange.  It can offer both a secure currency and protect the currency from devaluation by the mere whim of unelected central bank officials by offer a neutral exchange mechanism which responds solely to the supply and demand of the market for the encrypted currency.

It’s Because many people don’t understand what “blockchain” is and how this technology may change DIB Funding business procedures, we have tried to set it out in a way that is more readily understood:

Blockchain Decoded

“Blockchain” is a distributed ledger that provides users around the world with internet access with a platform to record information to be shared by its community openly.

By analogy, think of it as being similar to “cloud” computing where ownership of a particular coin can be established by memory that is not held in any single computer.

Next, we secure the ownership records by encrypting every transaction, thus ensuring that the ownership chain of title remains safe, as opposed to the many instances that we are all too familiar with and that are becoming so commonplace, such as those made against Target, Home Depot and others.

The cryptic nature of the blockchain removes the middle man as a “keeper of trust”.  Further, the blockchain uses advance cryptography and mathematics programing that is running complex algorithms to insure a secure, transparent and a repository of truth that is highly resistant to manipulation.

With the power of the blockchain technology, DIB Funding, Inc. can transform all its business on the blockchain and operate all transactions entirely digitally. This reduces overhead cost when shareholders trade assets directly with each other and can quickly prove ownership of assets in real-time. More importantly, because of the blockchain ability to guarantee authenticity across a platform of multiple institutions with no limitations, shareholders now have a method to evaluate authenticity of records and transactions in ways that were previously unavailable to most users.

DIB Funding, Inc. aggressively exploring scenarios in which blockchain can reinvent part of its operations and business models, DIB Funding, Inc. is positioning itself to take charge of its future and it all starts with DIBCOIN!!